ICED Patch
Imperial Council Education and Development (I.C.E.D.)
ICED Patch
Leadership Team
HPIP Dwayne E. Thomas (225) HPIP Dwayne E. Thomas (225)
          Imperial Lecturer
  Director, ICED Department
HPIP Medford Campbell (228) HPIP Donald Drew (58) PP Curtis James (12)
HPIP Medford Campbell (228)
Chief Deputy
New Initiatives
HPIP Donald Drew (58)
Chief Deputy
Pyramid Training Academy
PP Curtis James (12)
Chief Deputy
Legion of Honor
HPP Frank T. Jones (24) PP Stephen Northern (128) PP Wesley Minter (234)
HPIP Frank T. Jones (24)
Chief Deputy
Compliance & Evaluation
HPIP Stephen Northern (128)
Chief Deputy
Lecture Department
PP Wesley Minter (234)
Chief Deputy

IT Administrator
Educate · Sustain · Retain